Typical scenario

On January 18th, 2006 the Republic of Slovenia and FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA Region (FVG) signed a protocol regarding the cooperation between the civil protection services of both countries. One issue that was addressed in this protocol is the cooperation between the Mountain Rescue services of both countries at the common border in the Alps.

In addition, the effectiveness of the mountain search and rescue operations should be improved. The Slovene URSZR and HITEC Luxembourg have worked together in the EU-funded FP6 project “u-2010” to create a concept for leveraging new communication tools for mountain search and rescue (SAR) missions. URSZR has
decided to deploy this solution. This solution allows all participants of an SAR mission (search teams, team leaders and headquarter) to exchange detailed information about the progress of the mission. This is also the perfect solution to support and improve the collaboration between Slovene and  Friuli Venezia Giulia Civil Protection (PCRAFVG) Mountain Rescue Services.