On 20 - 21 June 2012 the first field excercise took place in Kranjska Gora (SI) and Travisio (IT).

Video 1: Installation of mobile client

{flv}Vaja AlpSAR clip 1_F6_HQ{/flv}

Video 2: Preparation of the exercise scenario

{flv}Vaja AlpSAR clip 2_F6_HQ{/flv}

Video 3: AlpSAR moreso solution - Applications for portal and mobile client

{flv}Vaja AlpSAR clip 3_F6_HQ{/flv}

Video 4: AlpSAR field exercise - Slovene - Italian border

{flv}Vaja AlpSAR clip 4_F6_HQ{/flv}